Joe's Drinking Buddies

Welcome to Joe's Drinking Buddies!

With over 25 different wines made each vintage, our winemaker, Rod Berglund, will make every attempt possible to insure we include an interesting cross section of all the wine we produce, including our Estate and single vineyard wines.  Along with wine we bottle specifically for the wine club, we even hold back wine we think will benifit with bottle age, and include them when they are showing their best!  

The Benefits

  • A wide selection of our wines, shipped to your door several times a year at a discount.
  • Complimentary tasting for you and three guests.
  • Access to exclusive small lot wines, library wines, and even unreleased wines.
  • Special Events and promotions for our wine club members.
  • Receive your wine club discount on additional purchases*
  • Full substitution of your wine club allocations.
  • ​The best benefit of all: We will help you drink your wine at a mutually convenient time (If we are in your area and time permits and there's no pandemic going on.)

The Options

3 Bottle Club - 3 bottles, shipped 4 times per year (March, May, Sept, Nov) - 15% Discount

6 Bottle Club - 6 bottles, shipped 3 times per year (April, October, December) - 20% Discount

Double the Fun Club - Combines both the 3 Bottle and 6 Bottle club wine selections and  ships three times per year. (12 bottles per shipment) - 25% Discount

 Join Here!

By joining our club you agree to have your credit card charged prior to shipping for the cost of the wine, tax & shipping as applicable.  Substitutions must be made before charging.  Wine shipments are dependant on weather and may be held until it is safe to ship.  *Futures Wine purchases are not discountable.